Do You Need an HVAC Filter? A Comprehensive Guide

Do you need an HVAC Filter? Learn why changing an AC Filter regularly is important for maintaining good indoor air quality and efficient energy bills.

Do You Need an HVAC Filter? A Comprehensive Guide

An air conditioning system can work without a filter, but this is not recommended. Without a filter, the system will suck in debris-laden air and return the same dirty air to the indoor environment, contributing to health problems. And the air purifiers? Do you also need an electric air purifier or a UV air purifier? It depends on your home. Air purifiers are useful for removing the smallest particles that can pass through a filter.

Because filters have an upper limit to their power in a residential air conditioning system, air purifiers can help provide more thorough air cleaning, eliminating more than 98% of contaminants when combined with the right filter set. Once again, professionals can ensure that you have the right type of air purifier (such as a UV air purifier) compatible with the filters. Although the answer to this question is yes, your air conditioning system will continue to work without a filter, you should never try to do so. We understand that you may not always have a new replacement filter on hand when you want to replace your current one, but it's best to wait until you have a replacement one. Running an air conditioner without a filter is worse than running it with a dirty one.

Instead, go to the store as soon as possible for a replacement or call an HVAC professional to have it replaced. Without a filter, your air conditioner is at risk of serious and costly problems. Take our advice and never run your system without one. One of the easiest and most affordable things you can do to maintain your HVAC system is to change your air filter regularly. As a general rule, the filter should be replaced every 3 months or 90 days, especially if your HVAC unit is used year-round.

Changing your home's air filters not only makes your heating and cooling system work efficiently, but it also lowers your energy bills. Not to mention that air filters reduce the circulation of allergens in the air throughout the house. It goes without saying that a filter is a great preventive measure to help your system work efficiently and properly. HVAC filters are an important component of the home, the part of the HVAC system that removes any impurities from the air. With that in mind, it's important to replace these filters regularly, especially if it's been a while.

One of the most important things you can do to take good care of your HVAC system is to simply change your air filter regularly. All the air that circulates through the HVAC system, whether to heat or cool your home, will eventually pass through the air filter. On the other hand, if you use your air conditioning system almost constantly, you'll have to change the filter every few weeks (especially if you use fiberglass filters). The filter will clog up in a few months and will need to be replaced; otherwise, it will significantly reduce HVAC energy efficiency. No matter what air conditioning system you have, each unit needs a quality filter that is properly adjusted to keep indoor air quality clean and your unit operating at peak efficiency. While not replacing an air filter seems unimportant, it can result in homeowners having higher monthly bills or, even worse, having to repair or replace their HVAC system.

But how often should you change your air filter? How often should you change your oven filter? Well, it depends. However, installing this filter can be difficult, as modifications by a contractor are likely to be needed for this filter to work with your HVAC system. If you don't know where to look or what type of filter you need, it's best to let an experienced HVAC technician do the work for you. By trapping these particles within your fibers, the filter keeps them out of the HVAC system, helping to protect your family and your air conditioner. If you have asthma or allergies at home, you'll want to change your air conditioning filter every six weeks to maintain excellent indoor air quality.

One of the most important things you can do on your own to take good care of your HVAC system is to simply change your air filter regularly. However, if you're having problems with your air conditioning system and changing the filters hasn't helped, BGE HOME is here for you. In general, filters with a MERV 16 rating or lower are considered suitable filters for HVAC systems for residential, commercial and general hospital use.

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